Wednesday, July 20, 2011

from god father

 This  pictures  shirts  are extremely funny hubby have a longtime friend  when i   was pregnant he purchase 4 dozens of diapers,  6 sets of baby shirts shorts.  crib  and other babies stuff.   his friend is very funny and cool guy. whenever  we got a chance over the weekend  me.and my kid spend  a nights in their house and in morning the wife,  me  and my little kid go to shopping. the couples  don't have a kid but they  are very happy couple.  the guy is the godfather of my kid  lucky to have this couple because they  spoiled my kid take a look  the picture of my kid that he wears very funny, he had many shirts and shorts that has a name on. A baby print  shirts.  they still updated me even hubby  is gone. thank for them

my kid learning counting , video

he  was three  years old at this video were going to bed when his daddy telling him    "do you know  how to

 count"   then he's say's yes.  Mostly when were  relaxing or we watching TV he want hes   attention from us he

 is a good kid  they have a good bonds together daddy teach him playing guitar  he has also a drums to play on.

 where he make hes own music. I  really likes this
video it's bring back on our memories together  I

 played every time i remember  the voice of his daddy.
when   he was born his dad  teach me  to buy different disk and records all those  videos, and  pictures too. I records
 music and video's here in our files.  even my phone have a pictures with him .
when he gets big ( my Kid)  can see daddy and himself  play together.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I love these video daddy and son, hubby sing a song  for our little one,  such  a good memories for us together,   a good idea i keep sake these memorable moment " video"  he's dad is a good provider  and family man,   i remember he had saying family comes first before others, that's important part in our life your family is the one who understand you through thick and then,  this wonderful time i could say its a very most memorable moment   in my life  he make me happy when our little one came in our life  he is a blessing  for us because we had a little young guy who make us happy everyday, when you have a child makes your life complete. Oh,  the love of my life  I love you both.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Kid first School

miss Cathy  the speech  therapy

Mrs Jones

My kid is growing so fast,    One day I saw him when he was 3 years old since he had a delayed  speech we took  him to  Pre kindergarten  school and a very closed school where we live.  It seems that it is yesterday he still a baby when i see him,  today he's getting so big.  At first  His dad don't want him to take in  school the reason is about the speech late  which is right  he's to young for  kindergarten  we wait until he's four years old.  the grandmother  trying to figure out us to find a speech therapy  we found  a speech  therapy it took about  6  months  before he start in  school. daddy said     "It's common for kid to delayed   his speech"  because the parents had different accent both   has no big deal for us  at all,  we started taking him in school  very close by here in pre  school,  it's helps him allot he develop some words and   he's speech is clear it develop little by little  He  can talk and talk more now  he talk more than  I am  (  laughing )  i knew he's a smart kid This was in Callahan school pre K.


baby part 1

 One and half  month   at these  picture  my little  boy,  i breastfeeding   about one week after on that trial of breasfeeding it didn't work's.   has no enough milk on me then  i been sick for couple of days due to the (CS) when i give birth.. but he's good in formula, bottle milk which is very good,  he's gain more weight Month and month.  one and half  month baby  could start smile,   hear the  parents talking, recognize the toys.  but baby are different stages.   for   him every month i could have a list  in calendar with his growing up in that way we would know about his growing stage.

One and half month

cute me mom?

My Everything

waching mommy take a pic
My Everything is my only son he make me smile

 everyday  this photos taken when he's just

 about   two months forward,  these age he have

 started smile, recognizing the voice of his mommy

 and daddy he's  amazing  baby that god sent from

us,   it took more than  a  year before  i got

 pregnant  due to my healthy  issue before

 then Was praying i can have a baby because of my age.  thank after keep praying our angel son

 is come.  what a very happy moment when he came in our life. he make us keeping busy to change diaper

 get the food and so on,  Now he's getting so bigger, I hope someday he well be a good man.

OH My monkey is hungry
he got  a chubby check at these picture, I love you my son

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

daddy and son

They have always a time together,  When he was born He's Daddy has  a time for him to play.  they always have a Bonding time together.   When IM in the kitchen  they can go outside  or else  in the barn,  We have a  barn which is closer to the porch, my kid  seat   on the wagon and watching daddy's works with  his tools,  sometimes he's cleaning his Motorcycle.  beside on that they can go and feeding our animals. We raising animals also.  My kid Chasing the animals and his laughing because   the animals scared with him    and they run away, His Dad is  very hardworking he can fix  anything,  like auto parts or truck parts he has a book to look up then he well be fix it,   like my first car it has a lot of problem  that car i had is old so always   have a problem he's the  one to fix it. sometimes we  visit he's good friend for the weekend. i Can Riminiscing   the good moment in my life that he love's me to death because he want  to  retire and live in my Country,  he like Philippines because he loves the weather, A humble person  that u never expect he well  be left his Family,    IM  thankful  and IM very lucky god still my strength.

fairground callahan
In Landing

At the  house

milestone baby

my baby with his dad
3 months
here to see, As we recall
 back and forth the memories
  My Baby Boy, me and his daddy.

His little head is feather light
tucked up against my chin
I hold his tiny hand in mine

the clock hands creep around and he snuggle closer to me. I Love this quit hours so much i cherish  this pictures because
 store his growing pictures is very important to me you can see his milestones every Month the way he growing up.hes smile,laughing, crying, and cranky. inside my heart IM completely happy even if IM saying he's dad is in heaven very thankful to god he give me guidance to live and laugh because i have my little angel. he make me smile everyday.  sometimes sad because he's to small he don't understand what happen, raising a child not easy job.( this is for lifetime job mommy )

All too soon he'll be grown up
he need his mama. wish he always stay safe
and warm.  the day well come he well be much bigger than my own hand  I love you son.


can set by himself

his first ride

5 months

6  months

mommy and baby