Wednesday, July 13, 2011

daddy and son

They have always a time together,  When he was born He's Daddy has  a time for him to play.  they always have a Bonding time together.   When IM in the kitchen  they can go outside  or else  in the barn,  We have a  barn which is closer to the porch, my kid  seat   on the wagon and watching daddy's works with  his tools,  sometimes he's cleaning his Motorcycle.  beside on that they can go and feeding our animals. We raising animals also.  My kid Chasing the animals and his laughing because   the animals scared with him    and they run away, His Dad is  very hardworking he can fix  anything,  like auto parts or truck parts he has a book to look up then he well be fix it,   like my first car it has a lot of problem  that car i had is old so always   have a problem he's the  one to fix it. sometimes we  visit he's good friend for the weekend. i Can Riminiscing   the good moment in my life that he love's me to death because he want  to  retire and live in my Country,  he like Philippines because he loves the weather, A humble person  that u never expect he well  be left his Family,    IM  thankful  and IM very lucky god still my strength.

fairground callahan
In Landing

At the  house

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