Wednesday, July 20, 2011

from god father

 This  pictures  shirts  are extremely funny hubby have a longtime friend  when i   was pregnant he purchase 4 dozens of diapers,  6 sets of baby shirts shorts.  crib  and other babies stuff.   his friend is very funny and cool guy. whenever  we got a chance over the weekend  me.and my kid spend  a nights in their house and in morning the wife,  me  and my little kid go to shopping. the couples  don't have a kid but they  are very happy couple.  the guy is the godfather of my kid  lucky to have this couple because they  spoiled my kid take a look  the picture of my kid that he wears very funny, he had many shirts and shorts that has a name on. A baby print  shirts.  they still updated me even hubby  is gone. thank for them

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