Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Everything

waching mommy take a pic
My Everything is my only son he make me smile

 everyday  this photos taken when he's just

 about   two months forward,  these age he have

 started smile, recognizing the voice of his mommy

 and daddy he's  amazing  baby that god sent from

us,   it took more than  a  year before  i got

 pregnant  due to my healthy  issue before

 then Was praying i can have a baby because of my age.  thank after keep praying our angel son

 is come.  what a very happy moment when he came in our life. he make us keeping busy to change diaper

 get the food and so on,  Now he's getting so bigger, I hope someday he well be a good man.

OH My monkey is hungry
he got  a chubby check at these picture, I love you my son

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