Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Kid first School

miss Cathy  the speech  therapy

Mrs Jones

My kid is growing so fast,    One day I saw him when he was 3 years old since he had a delayed  speech we took  him to  Pre kindergarten  school and a very closed school where we live.  It seems that it is yesterday he still a baby when i see him,  today he's getting so big.  At first  His dad don't want him to take in  school the reason is about the speech late  which is right  he's to young for  kindergarten  we wait until he's four years old.  the grandmother  trying to figure out us to find a speech therapy  we found  a speech  therapy it took about  6  months  before he start in  school. daddy said     "It's common for kid to delayed   his speech"  because the parents had different accent both   has no big deal for us  at all,  we started taking him in school  very close by here in pre  school,  it's helps him allot he develop some words and   he's speech is clear it develop little by little  He  can talk and talk more now  he talk more than  I am  (  laughing )  i knew he's a smart kid This was in Callahan school pre K.


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