Friday, August 19, 2011

First Day In School, (New School)

   My kid first day in School was good.  very  glad to hear from him that his first  school is not a bad trip for me, :)  he was told me that he's kind of being shy because it is new school for him and  the teacher too I knew he'll be get used to. He said mom I like my school but my new friend is not talking much because he's shy. i like my old school because i have many friends to talk. he is talking about his old classmate back in Nassau County to far to go there IM    happy now that he moved in this new school.  but  i explaining to him just like your old school you well be meet new friends later,  today first day in school so i guess they shy too  just  like  you.  IM glad he transfer in this school I could not drive now long miles back and fourth which is really good for me its very closer where I live.   And this school is old also.  I remember my hubby used to go in this school when he was in 1st grade and fifth grade  and glad to see that my child is went too. My child learning a good values in this school,   he knew about papa Jesus.   it is Catholic school the next building is the church where i go to,   hope my child is learning about good values and praying. .   

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