Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My kid favorite stuff toys

My Kid loves Cookie Monster. makes a funny voice.  The   true Cookie monster has something

 special   for babies and toddlers,  now a days babies  are very smart they love the voice   with this toys  because Its funny

       one of this,   is my son,   He   really likes it.    makes a funny voice  very silly the way he talk kids are buying  this kind of stuffs, he can dance, he can sing too. and any other kind of funny voice.

 Every  parts of the shopping malls  we can see  Cookie monster is present in Walmart or any stores,   kids loves these.  and is  number one fan   by my kid.  

 This is my   favorite  character  I like him because it is interesting toys

aside  of that  best characters,  my kid have other  stuff toys like Elmo, Sesame Street, Barney,  Mickey Mouse and  Nick JR. he watch everyday the 

popular kids shows.  look at the video with my son he make him laugh. IM laughing at this times  super  silly stuffs.             (  very funny, he's got other  toys like Ruby,  Ruby is another character from  Nick junior )     this kid is spoiled by all toys his cousins, aunts give him a bounce of toys on his birthday I can't believe this kid are fully handed he has many toys.

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