Friday, September 30, 2011

hand bag Signature

Ralph Lauren Signature Shoulder Tote Bag

 the bag is the signature black and gray Ralph Lauren nylon    hand  bag and  inside is all black nylon and  gray There is a large zippered pocket on the inside and the top of the bag is zippered . There is a pocket on the outside with a silver buckle. Excellent and very nice bag how i wish i could buy this  hand  bag I have hand bag I seen this many ladies has this kind of bags now  a days women are get fond with the hand bags usually i can see they match it with their shirts or skirt you can be fashionable for the stuffs you want to wear

but not as very expensive way some women they buy very expensive bags and expensive shoes. some women also they  can be fashionable in less expensive way every person has different type of fashion  we have to be smart in when it comes to the money there's no problem with being fashionable me too i like to wear a stuffs like something good with my style. ladies buy now this is very cool  bag.

High Heels

Ladies are very fond of wearing designer shoes especially heels. While some ladies love normal heels manufactured in traditional way, some fashion minded ladies like designer heel shoes. Made from leather, resin or other materials the ladies shoes have unique designed heels that somehow look very funny. In fact, sometimes you will see glass heeled shoes or sandals measuring one to two inch in height. There are chances the ladies wearing such high heel shoes or sandals might fall and it can be an instant of fun for onlookers. I go  through the gallery of funny heels  online and I found this High heels with  a form of  zebra animal  how cool is that,  its amazing sandals. as  for me I can wear a sandals or high heels as long as I am comfortable to wear  it I love collect sandals  it depends on the type of sandals some women collect hundreds of sandals look like the closet are like stores. it is the way fashionable types.

friendship for life

try not to remember the number of friends  sometimes I have when I go to bed at night, but somehow it sticks unlike every phone number I’ve tried to memorize. So, upon logging on to Facebook every morning, I immediately notice that I lost  few friends sometimes they block me friends are friends is not saying real friends its only called friends because they meet you or else they like you.  friends has a deep meaning to me there is friends that you can share your  problems, there's also a friends who well advised you  but not always you rely with them its  give some advises to you for me friends are important in our life specially when we ups and down they are the one who understand you but some other friends like to be your friend because they like you at first they seems very nice and good in front but later on time you could see the real color which is true i don't have a problem meeting people that's is why we need friends in order we can mingle and learn and talk about life's  or something  this is how the meaning of friendship its not about  that  she's/ he's  good,bad or she/ he wants  anything from  you but we grow everyday in our life is making new possible.   friends are walk out in your life but keep the good one who would trust you the most.  a friend who well guide you through thick and thenI have few friends also whom i meet  here.   you know who is your  real friends up to you hah.   I am sure now my friends miss me a lot since i lost contact  from them.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

2-Piece Carry-On Luggage Set

U.S. Traveler Rio 2-Piece Carry-On Luggage Set

I need a Luggage on my  travel this year I browsing over the web and I found a 2 set Carry On Luggage it is very beautiful and colorful which i like it for me and my kid I don't need  a big one its only has enough room on our clothes and stuffs more in my kids he has may toys and clothes.  to many to list on my mind.   excellent for  travels, very roomy,  has shoe pockets are a plus  Easy to pack and maneuver when full.    has a Plenty of room for  couple of days  trip even needing multiple changes daily, and had room for extras  stuffs specially  i have kid for  now  still thinking if i have to buy a luggage we had a luggage  but getting older and it seems its riff off and old.  many to list on my mind.  One that is most helpful There are so many features in this luggage,  like the expansion exterior zipper that allows an over packed bag to expand and you are able to still close it for your trip aboard a plane.  I like the color and design very nice  and colorful.

Storm Surge, Philippines

The Typhone winds drive Bay's seawater into roxas Blvd,  Manila Philippines


The storm surge,  The name of the storm in Manila Philippines, is in the bay caused by Typhoon   ferociously  strong winds, and not simply rainwater,   it could have produced the floods. according to the weather forecast  Much of Rojas Boulevard was similarly submerged, as well as United Nations Avenue and other areas of  Metro  Manila Philippines  according to weather forecaster  said that the flooding on Rojas Boulevard,  Manila could also be the result of  swells or tall waves that follow the passage of a storm. its clarified that storm surges occur in the center of a storm   I think some of us dont understand what's happening in our country Philippines but in some cases this is a natural phenomenon due to climate change.  The sea level also rise every year because of Global warming  we have to know that typhoon is coming every summer until the end of the year some people don't  look the weather forecast and don't have preparation due to busy  works and other stuffs.  some residents live in the very far country place or in the provinces it could be scared for them to live nearby up hills  but there is proto call once there's typhoon  coming I hope they can evacuate to the centers I feel sad for them.


this autograph includes on my son's year book. theirs no words can describe how much they love my son his teacher is very nice and affectionate, its a big impact for me to like this School because the teachers are very nice and friendly. it is such a good thing to have this autograph my son well keep holding the good memories from his teacher. IM happy that my son get into pre-kindergarten school during my childhood I wasn't get in pre-kindergarten i get into first grade because i want to see and knows what  school is. kids are being strange and new in their life its new beginning to interact and meet other kids at school completely happy that my kid born and raise here in the U.S.

I never thought that his teacher was going to be retire i remember those days we always had a field trip kids and mom. I have plan to visit again his old school my son miss his old friends and other teacher too. take a look in this autograph, his teacher sign it. what a sweet and good memories


souvenir to remember, I just miss the teacher and assistant teacher we visited the school last couple of weeks ago but they no longer works. we meet his assistant teacher at shopping mall last month she said, she'll be continue schooling in order to teach in good school. my son always said that he miss he's teacher and assistant teacher because I know how much they love my son. he's been in this school for almost 2 years and i supposed not to transfer him but it was about my decision its long drive everyday. for now he is good and being able to socialize he's new friends at school. however this school is private i can probably sent him in nearby school here, another school its a public  i don't have to worry  about for the expenses because it is in public. my friends children was sent it here, the public school which is good i known this school for many years it well be helpful for me too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Away From Home

despite having many adjustment and problem in life. I make my head up    looking forward have many responsibility to take care. living away from your family quietly very different and stressfuI wouldn't be lived here without helping from a friend glad that IM ok. Living now by myself together with my kid so very roughly and different life.     I know how important to be live by your own place you have peace of mine u feel like you have a freedom not unlike before i worried to much it is by the grace of god and I make a good plan. in addition my family makes me happy when they updated on me. so far so good my life goes back to normal. I have many positive think, not the negatives think. when your down feel like all people gets mad and including the whole world. so this is a big challenge in life. IM almost completely   happy but not fully happy if you know what i mean then you should understand readers. hah. i make fun. so i don't want to make drama in life. in my heart and in my soul my life living to the fullest now, I have family and friends who truly love me and respect me.

Swimming Again

Me and my little kid went on swimming nice to feel the Water I like go to the pool need sometimes
to cool down. eventually my kid say's Its super hot mommy yes it is warm today that's why we
went on swimming and he say, should  we go swimming, I say yes son he is big now, I am happy because he know's now how to swim little bit. the pool is near by on our home we can only walk whenever we want to go swimming i know its fall now but water is warm sometimes his friends coming here seldom to see them they are in school. .

when its get hot, though not very often, my kid
starting learning swimming he's kind of scared when i take him
to the deep he said hes scared so i start take him first to
the shallow and he learn little bit now. were both love the
swimming pool, we had a blast together so much fun for him too.
I pretty sure if I always take him everyday to the pool might be
hes a good swimmer than me. but i know he'll be learn soon.

my kid special b-day

This video has a lot of good memories  to me i love the fact that Me and my Ex in laws are still in good terms. I would though that life is down and rough  I thank god were in good terms.  just look at those video My kid was  very excited and happy,  it is hes birthday all  his cousins and part of the family was present.  Every year he has a  birthday celebration with my ex in laws.  he is special for them and i know how much they love him. eventually i still keep up with them because  even before i was living in my old place my ex in laws are good people aside only the  few which is not good on my taste. :)  sorry to say but life is to short to be have enemies All i need is a peaceful life and move on  someday life is change and starting getting better


How could I forget the festive and colorful fiesta of my homeland devouring the sumptuous  roasted pig  matched with  steamed rice wrapped  in coconut leaves indeed,  staple in a traditional Filipino feast there is so much more I miss on my Hometown a traditional way of Filipino  every year people celebrate this amazing celebration in my native Hometown  by the Month of August it is the feast of St. Augustine  the  name of the  patron Saint,   IM thankful that my family send this picture to me i feel like I am near for them i can see the feast of my hometown through you tube and pictures there's no  place like home when you talk about your  homeland i can reminiscing my old friends,  old neighbors, the place that i used to go for fun and  many more just missing everything else  can't  imagine IM already here for many years way back before considering that my life now is different but still feel different and homesick  that's life is.  I have looking forward for this big event  someday i would watch this amazing  event and feast in my homeland.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maintain healthy teeth

I make sure to visit the regular dentist every 6 months,  2 years  ago we had a regular check up through our dentist, but it   was  sadly  change  we have  another dentist  because of my insurance is  different now. it was not covered recently since i change the insurance with different  company  the thing that hardest  part for this  I  keep looking   it for another  dentist  then glad i found a less  expensive one.    sometimes  i would thought   its not good to see the dentist  but i keep it in my mind  it must  need    because i have  a kid  he need  to be able to see  regularly  a dentist so he can maintain  a regular  check up   then plus  being visiting   the  dentist is not    much   expensive if  it is covered  in your  health   insurance.  its  very helpful  we have  to  have a dentist  in order  to maintain  healthy teeth   and healthy living.


 We visit Callahan  last 2 weeks ago I had so much good memories  in this place  I don't know how sad it is for me every time I remember those  amazing memories of us  I never done this before in my life , the life that i had before   is happy,  now is only memories  how i wish  we well know our future but its not.    the only thing it keeps me remember is my son he left me a good smart boy  and  that is my kid I wouldn't   imagine how  fast the days is,  the time flies really quick  its like  yesterday however i can relate  my story from my friend  were  the same  she lost her husband too she's  strong woman,   I draw my strength from my son and mostly my family. i keep strong even its hard.


This is very tragic happen on a Filipino girl  and a Husband 78 years old,  Saturday when a 78-year-old apparently shot his wife who was 21 years old  Before turning the pistol to himself.  he was about to set the house fire according to the  TV station  I watch this few  days ago.  they said the husband was in a smoky  bedroom that had been doused with gasoline. Police found her husband first behind the   front door called the neighbor to get the toddler,  The girl has a child from previous husband.   he said he wants to end his won life  once  the toddler is safe.   the man has a  burns on his body, according to TV station.  neighbors said they didn't know the couple was married because of the age gap between them. they married  one year ago.  they meet online so sad  this was happen on their marriage

Saving Money trick yourself

 there's  not  always much in the way of new clothes and fancy toys, bag, shoes or etc. but Sometimes I think I was actually lucky  not have  a lot  of children because it forced me to  get a job  it made me appreciate the things I receive all the blessing   I think that this time during  hard time in my life   its  helped me to be smart,  be creativity, and must know how to spend money.   money can go a long way to helping a person  to be happy,  it  does not always contented   few other lessons I picked up from parents that showed me that money isn't everything and that served me  as I moved into adulthood.  the way you gets older the way also realized that you have to be wisely how to handle yourself in financial  matter specially living in an renting house or apartment  IM still have hope i can have my little house with my kid someday I know  everybody need to lived happy and stayed in the nice house but I would  say   we all need to be contented what we have, less of stress when you not thinking about works and etc.


My kid well having a Soccer shots next week I  am  excited  for this coming season  this is his first time on the Soccer  shots I know he well be excited too  The program takes place at the kids' day care playground its going to be an exciting for my kid because its fun, safe and controlled environment.  Its good way also that I expose him to outdoors games in order he well learn allot of sports.  I like him being in sports like football too but now he's  to  small for that sports for the  main time I wanted  for him that his  first step is in Soccer   Parents may enroll their child for Soccer shots either in person at participating day-care centers or through the Web site  Soccer shots.  this sports It's more about the children learning how to cooperate through teamwork.  for more information  visit their  Website.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yesterday we watch movie It was very nice  to watch in the big  screen rather than seat at home  uncomfortable because its my time in the big screen.  something  good to watch movie need  to chill out  sometimes because make you bored when you always  watch movie at home not quit often    you  know movie is good to watch when you have spare time with your family and  kids how about you did you take your kids  at the  movie?


I purchase 12 pairs of earrings couple of weeks ago this is not much expensive compare to other
  earings  was impressed  with the color and  style i like to wear an  earrings with matching with the dress or any casual style  it is  classic  and stylist earrings     The earrings are wonderful wear all day long and also the shape of this earrings  are great for inside and outside house. There  is  much more stylish than I was expecting,  have wear the earings it  seems  not  to bother my ears with heavyness. The  only thing is when I wear my hair down they tangle up in it.   i don't like to wear  an earring with something little bit of heavy. its nice to wear  everyday,  a  formal Occasions, Night Out and inside home  IM not picky about earrings as much as its combination with your dress  or skirts then  go, go.   I wear them  whenever i want like everyday wear i forgot to take it off.    its funny i wear   when I  feel  asleep   sometimes.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Women shorts

Arizona Womens Shorts, Schoolgirl Bermuda

love this short Women shorts can be dressed up with a pretty top or dressed down with a basic tank. white can be my favorite shorts when the women wear a short it has to be match by her top and the she has also a light brown shoes or white. it won't matter
Anyways because you know how u dress up yourself,  for me i love those white with light top or light blue it has a good combination color when i went out somewhere it has my white shorts and light top i have a brown skin i match it with my brown  skin. and whenever i get red of it with my
basic tank then i have to change it into little darker. before on my younger times i have always wear a pants or jeans I don't show up my legs i have a big scars in the middle of my legs which is make me embarrass   its look like a liver of a pork, glad that when  IM in my high school it was  faded  because we went to the doctor and had surgery. that was started I wear a shorts i feel like IM being comfortable now. no need to worry about it and being happy for changing the style sometimes, women are changes their looks when they gets older. i don't think so i wonder why I am not changing my looks but because of my looks younger or because of my height whatever i have its good and IM happy for my style the way how I dress myself

digital camera

Sony DSC-W510 Silver 12.1MP Digital Camera Bundle w/ 4x Optical Zoom, 2.7" LCD Display w/ 50 Bonus Prints

I need  to start  looking  for a camera for our  trip this  year  it  was bad  happen  last march  our camera was  brooke  accidentally   i could not notice I put it in my skirt pocket suddenly  my kid  going to swim  with his cousins at the pool.  the cousins has a life jacket and my son has  a thing in his arm   for swimming  but  i couldn't   escaped  to hold him   i need  to reach my son  before he went to the   5  feet,   it was  terrible and scary for me after  i got him.   i get my camera to take some pictures so  sad  i  wouldn't  take  pictures the camera  was brooked accidentally because it was in  my skirt  pocket.    next time     i must to have a camera bag  so its easier  to put    very  careful on my stuffs something like this  it is very expensive when u buy a camera it  must  be in the bag  and  the SD  card too. IM planning  to  get  a new one  before the end  of this year.  i like    cannon  12.1 megapixel resolution    they  Provide creative options for taking   eye-catching photos with accurate color Steady  Shot    the  image stabilization.   one  thing i like this   has  Record movies in HD format on this compact camera i needed  for my kid taking a video  and pictures  and its  my hobby  to taking pictures when we travel.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old Picture

I was remember   this  picture was taken  after  i graduate in high school.  i  was skinny in my picture.
In high school you can think you're in love  but  believe it  that  the  start of the age where teenagers are very  strong in opposite sex  because they can meet or mingle the same age as they are.   I have  many high school friends who married in young age. before I  never   have.  I get afraid of dating someone  because my parents  strict  about  love life and also it would affect the school  and  not  good also  to have a serious relationship  while in school.  some teenagers   become  pregnant at young age  because they could not hold  their feelings   and  turn  into pregnancy.  this picture bring back on my high school memories

7 Star hotel

Sub section of the lobby area


Dubai 7 Star Hotel Burj Al Arab
This building is truly one of the most fascinating structures of the World,  At  dubai

This is the  best picture  hotel  in Dubai taken from the   seaside looking  Notice how the structures  are very nice and man made. This building is truly one of the most fascinating structures of the world.   there are many people who wants to see this fantastic &  stay in   7 star hotel because the suits are very cozy overlooking and  clean. not only  best hotel  it is Huge Hotel in Dubai,  there's so many popular people stayed  in this  Hotel  because there are many aminities many athletes  have going up here and played games,  Tinnes player like Andre  and Golfer  Tiger woods  hit balls from this place.  As you  you can see this  amazing Hotel,    for me its a  dream  how i wish i could come  and see   this place someday.  When  i was in school I dreaming  to have a works in hotel because i wanted to see different people and  different  language  I studied  hotel and Restaurant  Management but  i did not get a job because  its indeed in married and coming here in America now IM here.  few of my friends works in Hotel   at Dubai   they could make good salary  and also  they  can have a tip from the  customer.   this is very beautiful 7 star Hotel.   I dont even know how much   was spend  by the  Dubai government  contracting these  masterpiece its  very nice and huge  Hotel.   did  you  plan  to go to see this nice hotel someday?     better  plan  it is worth when you see different  hotel at dubai.



execution of death Penalty

A demonstrator is arrested by U.S. Park Police officers in front of the White House in Washington,Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011, protesting the planned execution of death row inmate Troy Davis. Davis is f

i watch this news more than hundred thousands of protestors cried, and prayed and put some
candles worldwide who took up the anti-death penalty  of  Davis' final days   is over
  he's innocent  Davis said moments before he was executed Wednesday. as you look  into this case his  family and friends    to continue to fight,.  Davis  facing lethal injection for killing
  policeman in Savannah   Georgia.   but he insisted he did not commit   the crime.what happens now if new evidence proves he didn't do it.    should the jury and prosecutor meet the same fate?       I think he's  appeal  wouldn't  been heard.   i was confusing  about this  case although we have no idea what is the real truth of this case   I feel sad   when i see people execute  Maybe the guy should not have been in the wrong place at the wrong time you hang out in these story.    this  kind of situations  is so sad 
people are  need to learn to  keep  away  in trouble  and regarding the other  testimonies is not good I would say IM not favor in death penalty murderes can held in prison for life.    but not took the life of persons it must only Gods well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Arizona boots

These casual boots are great for my little hiker. constructed with a long-wearing sole, these boots will accompany him on many adventures. likes biking, travel, and  field  trip.  I bought  it last week,  i know the winter is not coming yet   i have to buy it because when we went to school sometimes  feel like its cold in the morning  he  has a shoes that he wear regularly he's  school shoes.  one time  we  went in the store it was  catch up my attention this shoes   it is very nice  for the kids  to wear.   my  kid is   very energetic and hiper.    i just  bought  it.  for good reason   i wouldn't  be buy if  the winter is   not  coming.  comforatble and durable shoes good  to wear  during  winter  season.  IM  concern about his feet  he  has  a big feet  when he gets big i know hes  size must be bigger than  I am,  he got it from his dad.  basically  when i buy  a   shoes i make it  little   more than his  original   size on feet  so   there's  enough  room on his big foot.

Musical plus toy

Pocoyo 10" Musical Plush Toy

     This  Lovable, soft,  plush toy is styled   with the colorful character from the popular TV series
Squeeze  tummy.    it is nice to hear  the familiar musical sounds from this toys.  it could be good  for my kid  he loves this kind of toys it is for bath tub toy,  when  he gets into the water  he won't forget to  bring  his  toys  he likes  playing the  water  and  bubbles though  somewhat he is  a boy.  I couldn't  buy anything he wants as long as  they  have a clearance then go rush  to the store  before  the clearance over.

although  he has many toys  but he is picky regarding boy stuffs which is now   he's big  boy  IM surprise he  could tell me he gets over on other baby toys he said,  IM big boy mom  i would be give it to my cousins so they can  have it.  he share what he got  because i knew  he   also know's  that  sharing  is good  I teach him  not to be selfish.  he  smile and responds if  his friends  give a toys  from the stores
my friend works in  store.