Thursday, September 22, 2011

7 Star hotel

Sub section of the lobby area


Dubai 7 Star Hotel Burj Al Arab
This building is truly one of the most fascinating structures of the World,  At  dubai

This is the  best picture  hotel  in Dubai taken from the   seaside looking  Notice how the structures  are very nice and man made. This building is truly one of the most fascinating structures of the world.   there are many people who wants to see this fantastic &  stay in   7 star hotel because the suits are very cozy overlooking and  clean. not only  best hotel  it is Huge Hotel in Dubai,  there's so many popular people stayed  in this  Hotel  because there are many aminities many athletes  have going up here and played games,  Tinnes player like Andre  and Golfer  Tiger woods  hit balls from this place.  As you  you can see this  amazing Hotel,    for me its a  dream  how i wish i could come  and see   this place someday.  When  i was in school I dreaming  to have a works in hotel because i wanted to see different people and  different  language  I studied  hotel and Restaurant  Management but  i did not get a job because  its indeed in married and coming here in America now IM here.  few of my friends works in Hotel   at Dubai   they could make good salary  and also  they  can have a tip from the  customer.   this is very beautiful 7 star Hotel.   I dont even know how much   was spend  by the  Dubai government  contracting these  masterpiece its  very nice and huge  Hotel.   did  you  plan  to go to see this nice hotel someday?     better  plan  it is worth when you see different  hotel at dubai.



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