Sunday, September 25, 2011


I purchase 12 pairs of earrings couple of weeks ago this is not much expensive compare to other
  earings  was impressed  with the color and  style i like to wear an  earrings with matching with the dress or any casual style  it is  classic  and stylist earrings     The earrings are wonderful wear all day long and also the shape of this earrings  are great for inside and outside house. There  is  much more stylish than I was expecting,  have wear the earings it  seems  not  to bother my ears with heavyness. The  only thing is when I wear my hair down they tangle up in it.   i don't like to wear  an earring with something little bit of heavy. its nice to wear  everyday,  a  formal Occasions, Night Out and inside home  IM not picky about earrings as much as its combination with your dress  or skirts then  go, go.   I wear them  whenever i want like everyday wear i forgot to take it off.    its funny i wear   when I  feel  asleep   sometimes.

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