Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Arizona boots

These casual boots are great for my little hiker. constructed with a long-wearing sole, these boots will accompany him on many adventures. likes biking, travel, and  field  trip.  I bought  it last week,  i know the winter is not coming yet   i have to buy it because when we went to school sometimes  feel like its cold in the morning  he  has a shoes that he wear regularly he's  school shoes.  one time  we  went in the store it was  catch up my attention this shoes   it is very nice  for the kids  to wear.   my  kid is   very energetic and hiper.    i just  bought  it.  for good reason   i wouldn't  be buy if  the winter is   not  coming.  comforatble and durable shoes good  to wear  during  winter  season.  IM  concern about his feet  he  has  a big feet  when he gets big i know hes  size must be bigger than  I am,  he got it from his dad.  basically  when i buy  a   shoes i make it  little   more than his  original   size on feet  so   there's  enough  room on his big foot.

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