Thursday, September 29, 2011


this autograph includes on my son's year book. theirs no words can describe how much they love my son his teacher is very nice and affectionate, its a big impact for me to like this School because the teachers are very nice and friendly. it is such a good thing to have this autograph my son well keep holding the good memories from his teacher. IM happy that my son get into pre-kindergarten school during my childhood I wasn't get in pre-kindergarten i get into first grade because i want to see and knows what  school is. kids are being strange and new in their life its new beginning to interact and meet other kids at school completely happy that my kid born and raise here in the U.S.

I never thought that his teacher was going to be retire i remember those days we always had a field trip kids and mom. I have plan to visit again his old school my son miss his old friends and other teacher too. take a look in this autograph, his teacher sign it. what a sweet and good memories

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