Thursday, September 22, 2011

execution of death Penalty

A demonstrator is arrested by U.S. Park Police officers in front of the White House in Washington,Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011, protesting the planned execution of death row inmate Troy Davis. Davis is f

i watch this news more than hundred thousands of protestors cried, and prayed and put some
candles worldwide who took up the anti-death penalty  of  Davis' final days   is over
  he's innocent  Davis said moments before he was executed Wednesday. as you look  into this case his  family and friends    to continue to fight,.  Davis  facing lethal injection for killing
  policeman in Savannah   Georgia.   but he insisted he did not commit   the crime.what happens now if new evidence proves he didn't do it.    should the jury and prosecutor meet the same fate?       I think he's  appeal  wouldn't  been heard.   i was confusing  about this  case although we have no idea what is the real truth of this case   I feel sad   when i see people execute  Maybe the guy should not have been in the wrong place at the wrong time you hang out in these story.    this  kind of situations  is so sad 
people are  need to learn to  keep  away  in trouble  and regarding the other  testimonies is not good I would say IM not favor in death penalty murderes can held in prison for life.    but not took the life of persons it must only Gods well.

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