Wednesday, September 28, 2011


How could I forget the festive and colorful fiesta of my homeland devouring the sumptuous  roasted pig  matched with  steamed rice wrapped  in coconut leaves indeed,  staple in a traditional Filipino feast there is so much more I miss on my Hometown a traditional way of Filipino  every year people celebrate this amazing celebration in my native Hometown  by the Month of August it is the feast of St. Augustine  the  name of the  patron Saint,   IM thankful that my family send this picture to me i feel like I am near for them i can see the feast of my hometown through you tube and pictures there's no  place like home when you talk about your  homeland i can reminiscing my old friends,  old neighbors, the place that i used to go for fun and  many more just missing everything else  can't  imagine IM already here for many years way back before considering that my life now is different but still feel different and homesick  that's life is.  I have looking forward for this big event  someday i would watch this amazing  event and feast in my homeland.

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