Friday, September 30, 2011

friendship for life

try not to remember the number of friends  sometimes I have when I go to bed at night, but somehow it sticks unlike every phone number I’ve tried to memorize. So, upon logging on to Facebook every morning, I immediately notice that I lost  few friends sometimes they block me friends are friends is not saying real friends its only called friends because they meet you or else they like you.  friends has a deep meaning to me there is friends that you can share your  problems, there's also a friends who well advised you  but not always you rely with them its  give some advises to you for me friends are important in our life specially when we ups and down they are the one who understand you but some other friends like to be your friend because they like you at first they seems very nice and good in front but later on time you could see the real color which is true i don't have a problem meeting people that's is why we need friends in order we can mingle and learn and talk about life's  or something  this is how the meaning of friendship its not about  that  she's/ he's  good,bad or she/ he wants  anything from  you but we grow everyday in our life is making new possible.   friends are walk out in your life but keep the good one who would trust you the most.  a friend who well guide you through thick and thenI have few friends also whom i meet  here.   you know who is your  real friends up to you hah.   I am sure now my friends miss me a lot since i lost contact  from them.


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