Friday, September 30, 2011

hand bag Signature

Ralph Lauren Signature Shoulder Tote Bag

 the bag is the signature black and gray Ralph Lauren nylon    hand  bag and  inside is all black nylon and  gray There is a large zippered pocket on the inside and the top of the bag is zippered . There is a pocket on the outside with a silver buckle. Excellent and very nice bag how i wish i could buy this  hand  bag I have hand bag I seen this many ladies has this kind of bags now  a days women are get fond with the hand bags usually i can see they match it with their shirts or skirt you can be fashionable for the stuffs you want to wear

but not as very expensive way some women they buy very expensive bags and expensive shoes. some women also they  can be fashionable in less expensive way every person has different type of fashion  we have to be smart in when it comes to the money there's no problem with being fashionable me too i like to wear a stuffs like something good with my style. ladies buy now this is very cool  bag.

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