Friday, September 30, 2011

High Heels

Ladies are very fond of wearing designer shoes especially heels. While some ladies love normal heels manufactured in traditional way, some fashion minded ladies like designer heel shoes. Made from leather, resin or other materials the ladies shoes have unique designed heels that somehow look very funny. In fact, sometimes you will see glass heeled shoes or sandals measuring one to two inch in height. There are chances the ladies wearing such high heel shoes or sandals might fall and it can be an instant of fun for onlookers. I go  through the gallery of funny heels  online and I found this High heels with  a form of  zebra animal  how cool is that,  its amazing sandals. as  for me I can wear a sandals or high heels as long as I am comfortable to wear  it I love collect sandals  it depends on the type of sandals some women collect hundreds of sandals look like the closet are like stores. it is the way fashionable types.

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