Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Away From Home

despite having many adjustment and problem in life. I make my head up    looking forward have many responsibility to take care. living away from your family quietly very different and stressfuI wouldn't be lived here without helping from a friend glad that IM ok. Living now by myself together with my kid so very roughly and different life.     I know how important to be live by your own place you have peace of mine u feel like you have a freedom not unlike before i worried to much it is by the grace of god and I make a good plan. in addition my family makes me happy when they updated on me. so far so good my life goes back to normal. I have many positive think, not the negatives think. when your down feel like all people gets mad and including the whole world. so this is a big challenge in life. IM almost completely   happy but not fully happy if you know what i mean then you should understand readers. hah. i make fun. so i don't want to make drama in life. in my heart and in my soul my life living to the fullest now, I have family and friends who truly love me and respect me.

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