Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Maintain healthy teeth

I make sure to visit the regular dentist every 6 months,  2 years  ago we had a regular check up through our dentist, but it   was  sadly  change  we have  another dentist  because of my insurance is  different now. it was not covered recently since i change the insurance with different  company  the thing that hardest  part for this  I  keep looking   it for another  dentist  then glad i found a less  expensive one.    sometimes  i would thought   its not good to see the dentist  but i keep it in my mind  it must  need    because i have  a kid  he need  to be able to see  regularly  a dentist so he can maintain  a regular  check up   then plus  being visiting   the  dentist is not    much   expensive if  it is covered  in your  health   insurance.  its  very helpful  we have  to  have a dentist  in order  to maintain  healthy teeth   and healthy living.

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