Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is very tragic happen on a Filipino girl  and a Husband 78 years old,  Saturday when a 78-year-old apparently shot his wife who was 21 years old  Before turning the pistol to himself.  he was about to set the house fire according to the  TV station  I watch this few  days ago.  they said the husband was in a smoky  bedroom that had been doused with gasoline. Police found her husband first behind the   front door called the neighbor to get the toddler,  The girl has a child from previous husband.   he said he wants to end his won life  once  the toddler is safe.   the man has a  burns on his body, according to TV station.  neighbors said they didn't know the couple was married because of the age gap between them. they married  one year ago.  they meet online so sad  this was happen on their marriage

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