Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Musical plus toy

Pocoyo 10" Musical Plush Toy

     This  Lovable, soft,  plush toy is styled   with the colorful character from the popular TV series
Squeeze  tummy.    it is nice to hear  the familiar musical sounds from this toys.  it could be good  for my kid  he loves this kind of toys it is for bath tub toy,  when  he gets into the water  he won't forget to  bring  his  toys  he likes  playing the  water  and  bubbles though  somewhat he is  a boy.  I couldn't  buy anything he wants as long as  they  have a clearance then go rush  to the store  before  the clearance over.

although  he has many toys  but he is picky regarding boy stuffs which is now   he's big  boy  IM surprise he  could tell me he gets over on other baby toys he said,  IM big boy mom  i would be give it to my cousins so they can  have it.  he share what he got  because i knew  he   also know's  that  sharing  is good  I teach him  not to be selfish.  he  smile and responds if  his friends  give a toys  from the stores
my friend works in  store.

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