Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my kid special b-day

This video has a lot of good memories  to me i love the fact that Me and my Ex in laws are still in good terms. I would though that life is down and rough  I thank god were in good terms.  just look at those video My kid was  very excited and happy,  it is hes birthday all  his cousins and part of the family was present.  Every year he has a  birthday celebration with my ex in laws.  he is special for them and i know how much they love him. eventually i still keep up with them because  even before i was living in my old place my ex in laws are good people aside only the  few which is not good on my taste. :)  sorry to say but life is to short to be have enemies All i need is a peaceful life and move on  someday life is change and starting getting better

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