Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saving Money trick yourself

 there's  not  always much in the way of new clothes and fancy toys, bag, shoes or etc. but Sometimes I think I was actually lucky  not have  a lot  of children because it forced me to  get a job  it made me appreciate the things I receive all the blessing   I think that this time during  hard time in my life   its  helped me to be smart,  be creativity, and must know how to spend money.   money can go a long way to helping a person  to be happy,  it  does not always contented   few other lessons I picked up from parents that showed me that money isn't everything and that served me  as I moved into adulthood.  the way you gets older the way also realized that you have to be wisely how to handle yourself in financial  matter specially living in an renting house or apartment  IM still have hope i can have my little house with my kid someday I know  everybody need to lived happy and stayed in the nice house but I would  say   we all need to be contented what we have, less of stress when you not thinking about works and etc.

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