Thursday, September 29, 2011

Storm Surge, Philippines

The Typhone winds drive Bay's seawater into roxas Blvd,  Manila Philippines


The storm surge,  The name of the storm in Manila Philippines, is in the bay caused by Typhoon   ferociously  strong winds, and not simply rainwater,   it could have produced the floods. according to the weather forecast  Much of Rojas Boulevard was similarly submerged, as well as United Nations Avenue and other areas of  Metro  Manila Philippines  according to weather forecaster  said that the flooding on Rojas Boulevard,  Manila could also be the result of  swells or tall waves that follow the passage of a storm. its clarified that storm surges occur in the center of a storm   I think some of us dont understand what's happening in our country Philippines but in some cases this is a natural phenomenon due to climate change.  The sea level also rise every year because of Global warming  we have to know that typhoon is coming every summer until the end of the year some people don't  look the weather forecast and don't have preparation due to busy  works and other stuffs.  some residents live in the very far country place or in the provinces it could be scared for them to live nearby up hills  but there is proto call once there's typhoon  coming I hope they can evacuate to the centers I feel sad for them.

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