Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swimming Again

Me and my little kid went on swimming nice to feel the Water I like go to the pool need sometimes
to cool down. eventually my kid say's Its super hot mommy yes it is warm today that's why we
went on swimming and he say, should  we go swimming, I say yes son he is big now, I am happy because he know's now how to swim little bit. the pool is near by on our home we can only walk whenever we want to go swimming i know its fall now but water is warm sometimes his friends coming here seldom to see them they are in school. .

when its get hot, though not very often, my kid
starting learning swimming he's kind of scared when i take him
to the deep he said hes scared so i start take him first to
the shallow and he learn little bit now. were both love the
swimming pool, we had a blast together so much fun for him too.
I pretty sure if I always take him everyday to the pool might be
hes a good swimmer than me. but i know he'll be learn soon.

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