Saturday, September 24, 2011

Women shorts

Arizona Womens Shorts, Schoolgirl Bermuda

love this short Women shorts can be dressed up with a pretty top or dressed down with a basic tank. white can be my favorite shorts when the women wear a short it has to be match by her top and the she has also a light brown shoes or white. it won't matter
Anyways because you know how u dress up yourself,  for me i love those white with light top or light blue it has a good combination color when i went out somewhere it has my white shorts and light top i have a brown skin i match it with my brown  skin. and whenever i get red of it with my
basic tank then i have to change it into little darker. before on my younger times i have always wear a pants or jeans I don't show up my legs i have a big scars in the middle of my legs which is make me embarrass   its look like a liver of a pork, glad that when  IM in my high school it was  faded  because we went to the doctor and had surgery. that was started I wear a shorts i feel like IM being comfortable now. no need to worry about it and being happy for changing the style sometimes, women are changes their looks when they gets older. i don't think so i wonder why I am not changing my looks but because of my looks younger or because of my height whatever i have its good and IM happy for my style the way how I dress myself

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