Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Lesson To learn

Hard to Imagine  accident happen anytime.  traffic accident is a huge burden for everyone   for ourselves  it  concerned  Not only  it cause damage to the vehicles involved, but people may be injured.  It was terrible and shocking to me when I was driving on the road we knows  people don't pay attention while they driving  because they could  hurry about their  job  or  something  else. I hate to say but its true.I don't  like to  drive but I have no option  I have to drive  kid is in school everyday. I  had  accident last  couple of weeks  It was very devastated  the driver behind on me was hit  my  Van. I  was thought somebody's  car hit the different  car but  it  Shocking   it was  my  Van.  I am freaking  shock and nervous I don't  know what to do during that time was really not on my mind.  after few minutes was cool down I made  out of my mind  need to call the Police and  report  the accident  but  it was never happen  because  the driver left the scene I couldn't  find information for him/ her   and  I knew It wasn't  my  fault.  The most important
to think about it  were ok and  and  safe.  there's only small scratched on my  Van and the bumper undearneath has not in good position what we do is we took the Van for free inspection in the car care shop Glad I pay less which is good Plus also Inssurance Company give a money for covered the  expenses.   people telling me that its good to know the whereabouts  of  the person who bump the Van because he/ she would be all responsible for all the expenses  and also they could give an amount of money but its already happen late.  And I have a  concern few people for helping  me to fix and  also The  insurrance well taking care for it. If  your in the road you
just don't know what to do so  driving need more cautious and  extra careful   many crazy people driving  without
licence  or insurance.  I  had a lesson from the accident I hope it could not happen  again I am very careful again and look  every side of the road I am very thankful to God.   The lord has never forgotten you when you needed him everyday  in your  life.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Kid And The Pumpkin.

drawing an Eyes and  Mouth

Draw  A  Tooth

 Halloween is getting closer I am busy now for my kid's  for his Halloween party they got a Halloween party coming up on next  Monday.  I've got  2 friends who invited us to join  Halloween  party I don't know yet which is one we go. I went to the store last couple of days and bought a pumpkin for him. he well be carve his pumpkin and  decorate.   he ask me to go to the store because he wanted to decorate and here he is  carving the pumpkin and drawing  by his own. he knows how to decorate even before he likes  drawing.  Halloween are good for kids  because they have different types of costumes,  they are so cute when they wear  costumes.  I am happy that my kid enjoying his Halloween party  at the school every year.   it happen once in a year.    As you  have seen in the picture he  decorate and carving.  I called him munch boy because he is ready on the camera. I love the way my kid doing these its really fun.   How about you does your kids have a Halloween party?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Workout Routine

So when it comes to your rest day, help your body rehab by stretching your body movement . complement your normal workout routine to keep you on the right track.    will complement all the calorie-burning, high-intensity exercises you do in your workout. That's because stretching your muscles helps keep your body flexible, which is an important .   been  a while did not get back on my  workout   routine because of the busy schedule My time is limit specially I am going in vacation but I am doing my best to find a closer workout center  hard   everyday I am not complaining for driving it has about my right schedule  in the morning   I am in my daily blogs  and then get done household works and  pick my kid  school after that lunch time then blogs again keep working on it  so make my busy, busy schedule.  I'll  still got an energy to work out maybe take a long walk back  and fourth around the neighborhood.   it will help keep you from experiencing an injury because of tightness, it also helps to make you  strong.  But I could say workout in the center is the best for me because I get to used it.   I keep maintain my healthy life style and keep track on my body movement  we only live  once does not matter your young or older. live in the simple and

healthy life is a must so we have a long life and happy living.  How about you did you maintain your daily exercise?    it helps your lives harmonious.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

All About New Jersey Project Drama.

This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine. (1 page)


I love to watch  this good Character of this Untitled Jersey City Project drama.  I guess  when you think about watching action and has mix with drama  That's  my favorite because Even I was a little kid    I  already watch actions and drama it has to be good to watch this kind of drama because its  related for buildings structures, good and bad characters in the drama involving the Money and being  also in famous of political party.

The Guy who suggest other people on character to get a drinks  but there is a  woman who's  work as a reporter she insist  not to drinks because she's running out of time, she just little bit disappoint she don't like other guys too the way  they act when  they talking about  well known people and other Notorious gangs.   her  job, The reporter is just being report what's happening and what it could be happen specially   I heard that political issue also involve in this show.  That is the reason why many people get  involve because  of Big money or something like these.

I could not say being reporter is bad is not like that, she is doing her job as a journalist. she has to discuss the  feature and content of the trouble Stadium project.    the show has many content  and Important issues.   I watch it every episode. very good and has a good people and also it has bad people who is undercover  relating the business and political issues. this is  what I would say This  drama probably can have an award because  when I look and view the video clip  has many Millions of people who view.  I  am pretty sure people can watch this once if it is in cinema,  I love the actors and other  characters also They spend Millions of dollars to make this show's   happen,  bravo I like it. This is the sneak peak video, have the fun while watching the show.

Please let me know what do you think of the Untitled Jersey Project by leaving your honest comments below.



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Affordable Straight Talk to keep in touch

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

 I cannot wait to get a new Straight Talk since i been moving to my new home. I Feel Richer with Android , my new cell phone. It was very rough and hard time in my life. I had to get a new mobile plan phone it was un plan to get this but it needs for important calls like calling my friends. I can't wait to get a new straight talk without paying monthly bills no contract because service plan is more expensive rather than straight talk . I have one more year to expire the contract what i was planning I couldn't renew it because its to expensive for me have to get an affordable that suit on my pocket so I can save also. very terrible to pay the higher bills. The power of Android will saves me more money.


It is not too bad to have a good mobile but in my case I couldn't afford it, need to have an affordable service. I used to call often with my family since i have a plan service I used to call my friends and also in different state but not now because I do not want to pay more bills. I better use the SMS free text internet compare to the calling card. My plan phone is using for local calls I enjoy talking with my good friends especially your home away from them, later it was realized that its not important to talk over the phone.

Calling International is separate calls for me, I have found out on online it was advertised on the TV i keep try to call their Number luckily their rate is very low and affordable until now i still use it for my family long distance calls. I miss them so much so whenever I want to hear from them I use the free text which is affordable because text is free. but i am still longing to get a new straight talk it has no contract plus no additional fee. few more months from now then i can have straight talk I am planning also to have Android smart phone maybe i can have it or buy once i gets over on my contract i hate to say about contract phone but that's here in America it has many Mobile where u can pay it for a monthly plans or buy an affordable straight talk much better people don't need an expensive phone they only use for calling and absolutely right for me very good Feel Richer with Androidand affordable, low cost perfect for me and other who who's looking for affordable phone. How about you , are you capable to buying on this Straight talk phone? go check out their website
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kicked Off Southwest Flight

Leisha Hailey

Liesha Hailey got kicked off of a plane for  kissing her girlfriend   she said its been discriminated  by Southeast Airline. Flight attendance said  that it was a family’Airline and kissing was not okay.  Hailey and Camilla are lovers   they could have gotten  the flight had they  challenged the   No kissing  policy  but I don’t blame them for speaking up  The Airline Southwest,  Because what else are you going to do  they're  in love they are lesbian.  it doesn’t even sound  good  maybe because they are Lesbian  they were doing  behaving them self  how the  couples in love.  seriously   its  a part of their  policy  As far as Southwest pushing  and  fallowing their morals and values,

Common First Date Fears That You Really Don't Need To Worry About

The Side Of Looks

that looks aren’t important to you?   We have to remember that looks are very fluid. You rarely see yourself when you’re laughing, when you’re curious, when you  talking about something you really passionate about.   More often than not, you see yourself in the mirror when you worried about how you look. Trust yourself beauty is in yourself  or in the eye of beholder  always worry that your  blind date will see  and not be pleasantly surprised    As far as the awkward,confidence thing goes  be confident enough to admit you feel a bit awkward. What I mean is, if you do stumble over your words or  make a joke about it.   You're able to laugh at yourself.  that confidence and that's pretty attractive.    Be true to yourself. He or She will either like you    Those who  like you.  be on your best behavior, but not to the sacrifice of who you are.  you can still find someone who will love you.  but don't  waste your time to the person who don't like you,    mistake is an experience.


You just have to look at the positive side of things and not really care if a date works out or not.   If your dates doesn't work out then that is a good thing because you will then have the opportunity to meet the right person. If the date works out then that is even better for you. Who wants to be involved with someone that is not right for them and end up splitting up and to make things worse stay in a long relationship with that person and split up and maybe end up having a child together. That is just time lost and wasted so it is nothing wrong with staying single until you find the right fit for yourself.   I see people all of the time with kids and no spouse meaning that they wasted valuable time with someone that was wrong for them from the very start. These people may have been in long relationships and maybe even married but the fact of the matter is that they ended up splitting up and that was just time lost on the wrong person. My question is would you rather stay single until you meet the right partner? Or would you want to be in a long relationship or maybe even married with some kids and then later on down the line end up splitting up with your partner and you are still connected with that person because of the kids which one would you want?    I have the positive outlook in  life  I would rather to find the right person because its good to have someone who cares about you and love you uncondional without asking in return.    happy  reading and thanks for making and effort to read this blogs

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great Ways To Decorate Pumpkins

06 12 Great Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins!
tape pumpkin 300 25 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Projects (Mostly No Carve)

Halloween are approaching  fast its coming up soon I always love halloween  its good for the kids  good for fall with a mix of local farmers market
 varieties of heirloom squash and pumpkin the colors are nice but also beautiful  and most definitely fall  .Have you thought about decorating pumpkins with your kids?   decorating pumpkin  will get you child in the good mood   the ideas can be used on real or  fake pumpkins.  that means you can get started early with your pumpkin crafting  I love Halloween and pumpkins, so I’m ready   One idea I definitely want to try is the real big pumpkin my son loves big pumpkin,  i give sample of my favorite pumpkins   I can decide it when were going to the store I love to decorate this pumpkins also I help my son to do and decorate his own pumpkins Can't wait these.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Player Soccer

It was Sunny yesterday my Kid is playing Soccer for the first time I am happy for  what he did
 in this way he well start being expose to the sports he did  a good job at first he don't know how to play,  The trainer show the Children about Soccer because its also there first time for Soccer ball, everyone  of them excited on it. my son usually is asking me about sports.  Happy there is  offer for Soccer ball  at their School   I pay these and its  good  for 10 weeks which is very good to him. I hope he would  enjoy it, in that way he well be make some friends and also making a good  habit for him  for me i would say i want him to be  football  player or any sports I don't  know its hard to predict when your son grown up that's their  desicion when it comes to the sports 

Beauty Product

Cheap and Chic

     I Love the   lotion. Comes in a very cute container The decadent body creams and pricey organic scrubs certainly have their appeal, but dermatologists will tell  that there are usually other, less expensive on the  drugstore the options that will do the trick just as well.   Our beauty scanned the aisles to find the bests bets for our beauty flip through  what option the best. I'm not a very hairy person and I followed the directions on the bottle.  gel cream  I used for a couple of weeks and it didn't works, my skin don't like it.  I actually use the lotion every after shower  I use it for my arms and other  parts of my skin except for face don't want include because my face has a different stuffs to put in.    It does a much better job than the larger side. this is good  I like the round lotion compare to the big one it works for good to me during this season fall and winter need a lotion for my duper dry skin.  sometimes  I use the lotion was made in my country .because my skin would like it but its the same way our skin has a sensitive types.