Thursday, October 20, 2011

Affordable Straight Talk to keep in touch

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

 I cannot wait to get a new Straight Talk since i been moving to my new home. I Feel Richer with Android , my new cell phone. It was very rough and hard time in my life. I had to get a new mobile plan phone it was un plan to get this but it needs for important calls like calling my friends. I can't wait to get a new straight talk without paying monthly bills no contract because service plan is more expensive rather than straight talk . I have one more year to expire the contract what i was planning I couldn't renew it because its to expensive for me have to get an affordable that suit on my pocket so I can save also. very terrible to pay the higher bills. The power of Android will saves me more money.


It is not too bad to have a good mobile but in my case I couldn't afford it, need to have an affordable service. I used to call often with my family since i have a plan service I used to call my friends and also in different state but not now because I do not want to pay more bills. I better use the SMS free text internet compare to the calling card. My plan phone is using for local calls I enjoy talking with my good friends especially your home away from them, later it was realized that its not important to talk over the phone.

Calling International is separate calls for me, I have found out on online it was advertised on the TV i keep try to call their Number luckily their rate is very low and affordable until now i still use it for my family long distance calls. I miss them so much so whenever I want to hear from them I use the free text which is affordable because text is free. but i am still longing to get a new straight talk it has no contract plus no additional fee. few more months from now then i can have straight talk I am planning also to have Android smart phone maybe i can have it or buy once i gets over on my contract i hate to say about contract phone but that's here in America it has many Mobile where u can pay it for a monthly plans or buy an affordable straight talk much better people don't need an expensive phone they only use for calling and absolutely right for me very good Feel Richer with Androidand affordable, low cost perfect for me and other who who's looking for affordable phone. How about you , are you capable to buying on this Straight talk phone? go check out their website
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