Thursday, October 20, 2011

All About New Jersey Project Drama.

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I love to watch  this good Character of this Untitled Jersey City Project drama.  I guess  when you think about watching action and has mix with drama  That's  my favorite because Even I was a little kid    I  already watch actions and drama it has to be good to watch this kind of drama because its  related for buildings structures, good and bad characters in the drama involving the Money and being  also in famous of political party.

The Guy who suggest other people on character to get a drinks  but there is a  woman who's  work as a reporter she insist  not to drinks because she's running out of time, she just little bit disappoint she don't like other guys too the way  they act when  they talking about  well known people and other Notorious gangs.   her  job, The reporter is just being report what's happening and what it could be happen specially   I heard that political issue also involve in this show.  That is the reason why many people get  involve because  of Big money or something like these.

I could not say being reporter is bad is not like that, she is doing her job as a journalist. she has to discuss the  feature and content of the trouble Stadium project.    the show has many content  and Important issues.   I watch it every episode. very good and has a good people and also it has bad people who is undercover  relating the business and political issues. this is  what I would say This  drama probably can have an award because  when I look and view the video clip  has many Millions of people who view.  I  am pretty sure people can watch this once if it is in cinema,  I love the actors and other  characters also They spend Millions of dollars to make this show's   happen,  bravo I like it. This is the sneak peak video, have the fun while watching the show.

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