Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beauty Product

Cheap and Chic

     I Love the   lotion. Comes in a very cute container The decadent body creams and pricey organic scrubs certainly have their appeal, but dermatologists will tell  that there are usually other, less expensive on the  drugstore the options that will do the trick just as well.   Our beauty scanned the aisles to find the bests bets for our beauty flip through  what option the best. I'm not a very hairy person and I followed the directions on the bottle.  gel cream  I used for a couple of weeks and it didn't works, my skin don't like it.  I actually use the lotion every after shower  I use it for my arms and other  parts of my skin except for face don't want include because my face has a different stuffs to put in.    It does a much better job than the larger side. this is good  I like the round lotion compare to the big one it works for good to me during this season fall and winter need a lotion for my duper dry skin.  sometimes  I use the lotion was made in my country .because my skin would like it but its the same way our skin has a sensitive types.

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