Saturday, October 8, 2011

Common First Date Fears That You Really Don't Need To Worry About

The Side Of Looks

that looks aren’t important to you?   We have to remember that looks are very fluid. You rarely see yourself when you’re laughing, when you’re curious, when you  talking about something you really passionate about.   More often than not, you see yourself in the mirror when you worried about how you look. Trust yourself beauty is in yourself  or in the eye of beholder  always worry that your  blind date will see  and not be pleasantly surprised    As far as the awkward,confidence thing goes  be confident enough to admit you feel a bit awkward. What I mean is, if you do stumble over your words or  make a joke about it.   You're able to laugh at yourself.  that confidence and that's pretty attractive.    Be true to yourself. He or She will either like you    Those who  like you.  be on your best behavior, but not to the sacrifice of who you are.  you can still find someone who will love you.  but don't  waste your time to the person who don't like you,    mistake is an experience.


You just have to look at the positive side of things and not really care if a date works out or not.   If your dates doesn't work out then that is a good thing because you will then have the opportunity to meet the right person. If the date works out then that is even better for you. Who wants to be involved with someone that is not right for them and end up splitting up and to make things worse stay in a long relationship with that person and split up and maybe end up having a child together. That is just time lost and wasted so it is nothing wrong with staying single until you find the right fit for yourself.   I see people all of the time with kids and no spouse meaning that they wasted valuable time with someone that was wrong for them from the very start. These people may have been in long relationships and maybe even married but the fact of the matter is that they ended up splitting up and that was just time lost on the wrong person. My question is would you rather stay single until you meet the right partner? Or would you want to be in a long relationship or maybe even married with some kids and then later on down the line end up splitting up with your partner and you are still connected with that person because of the kids which one would you want?    I have the positive outlook in  life  I would rather to find the right person because its good to have someone who cares about you and love you uncondional without asking in return.    happy  reading and thanks for making and effort to read this blogs

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