Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Lesson To learn

Hard to Imagine  accident happen anytime.  traffic accident is a huge burden for everyone   for ourselves  it  concerned  Not only  it cause damage to the vehicles involved, but people may be injured.  It was terrible and shocking to me when I was driving on the road we knows  people don't pay attention while they driving  because they could  hurry about their  job  or  something  else. I hate to say but its true.I don't  like to  drive but I have no option  I have to drive  kid is in school everyday. I  had  accident last  couple of weeks  It was very devastated  the driver behind on me was hit  my  Van. I  was thought somebody's  car hit the different  car but  it  Shocking   it was  my  Van.  I am freaking  shock and nervous I don't  know what to do during that time was really not on my mind.  after few minutes was cool down I made  out of my mind  need to call the Police and  report  the accident  but  it was never happen  because  the driver left the scene I couldn't  find information for him/ her   and  I knew It wasn't  my  fault.  The most important
to think about it  were ok and  and  safe.  there's only small scratched on my  Van and the bumper undearneath has not in good position what we do is we took the Van for free inspection in the car care shop Glad I pay less which is good Plus also Inssurance Company give a money for covered the  expenses.   people telling me that its good to know the whereabouts  of  the person who bump the Van because he/ she would be all responsible for all the expenses  and also they could give an amount of money but its already happen late.  And I have a  concern few people for helping  me to fix and  also The  insurrance well taking care for it. If  your in the road you
just don't know what to do so  driving need more cautious and  extra careful   many crazy people driving  without
licence  or insurance.  I  had a lesson from the accident I hope it could not happen  again I am very careful again and look  every side of the road I am very thankful to God.   The lord has never forgotten you when you needed him everyday  in your  life.

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