Friday, October 28, 2011

My Kid And The Pumpkin.

drawing an Eyes and  Mouth

Draw  A  Tooth

 Halloween is getting closer I am busy now for my kid's  for his Halloween party they got a Halloween party coming up on next  Monday.  I've got  2 friends who invited us to join  Halloween  party I don't know yet which is one we go. I went to the store last couple of days and bought a pumpkin for him. he well be carve his pumpkin and  decorate.   he ask me to go to the store because he wanted to decorate and here he is  carving the pumpkin and drawing  by his own. he knows how to decorate even before he likes  drawing.  Halloween are good for kids  because they have different types of costumes,  they are so cute when they wear  costumes.  I am happy that my kid enjoying his Halloween party  at the school every year.   it happen once in a year.    As you  have seen in the picture he  decorate and carving.  I called him munch boy because he is ready on the camera. I love the way my kid doing these its really fun.   How about you does your kids have a Halloween party?

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