Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Player Soccer

It was Sunny yesterday my Kid is playing Soccer for the first time I am happy for  what he did
 in this way he well start being expose to the sports he did  a good job at first he don't know how to play,  The trainer show the Children about Soccer because its also there first time for Soccer ball, everyone  of them excited on it. my son usually is asking me about sports.  Happy there is  offer for Soccer ball  at their School   I pay these and its  good  for 10 weeks which is very good to him. I hope he would  enjoy it, in that way he well be make some friends and also making a good  habit for him  for me i would say i want him to be  football  player or any sports I don't  know its hard to predict when your son grown up that's their  desicion when it comes to the sports 

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