Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey with San miguel beer

How cool is this Turkey and The San miguel beer Philippines beer.  it makes me smile when I took this pictures I remember the beer in the Philippines this beer is not quit hard  beer its light beer  I  try the taste it was good though we had this when we went to Asian market we bough some stuffs from Asian market, we had a good time because we went different oriental stores to buy this beer.  I could say   I am in someone else I accept the fact that life has to move on starting for moving on I would happy for that.  it was thanksgiving Holiday the food was good and so very delicious Have many food I like to eat but  I would watch out the food because were getting older is not every food we eat is good in our body there's many indications when you eat to much meals it is good to eat the food that you would like but Its good also you pick the healthy foods as long as not much for calories.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Save Bucks In the loundry Room

Everyone is pinching pennies right now to make the budget meet. The nice thing is you don’t even have to do anything big to start to have savings. Just a few small changes can pay off in the long run.  I Try using  cold water when washing  my clothes  cold water means less energy  less money also. Sometimes I rather wash my clothes to use my hands old fashion way. I save less of money. I wash my clothes through using my hand but on my kid  clothes  I get to use washing machine. I do these because I knew for adult Like mine smart enough to used hand washing  I have to do anything to start savings.   few small changes on my house. Heating water is the largest energy drain when  washing clothing.  If you think  that you need extra power.  add a bit of baking or washing soda to your wash.  in this way you save more extra money. cost much less.be smart when it comes to household sometimes get tired budgeting :D   how I wish  I have partner to share the bills,  in a long way only God well answer that. maybe god does not allow now. someday I think, hard to predict tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Holiday

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Its good to feel the Thanksgiving in America I like the food and other specialty foods. I am happy to be part to live here  because you feel you have also a capable to taste their  autentic food like turkey day,  They called it Thanksgiving Day.  Thanksgiving Day" or Turkey Day, is an annual celebration that takes place in entire USA and the period from November.  is popular as the holiday season in America.
On this day, you  experience spectacular reunion of the family members, and wish to spend a quality time with the family.  they prepare a  turkey stuffing, gravy and maize, a  different kinds of potatoes, other seasonal vegetables, as well as cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are brewed first and then tasted. However, one cannot afford to miss out on interesting talks that go side by side to make the meeting informally  interesting.   Aside of these their is also a Thansgiving parade of the town    I could say  it is very happy day because its holiday everybody else prepared for their shopping  they have  a Black friday shopping on this day many people fall in line because they have a sales.  somebody invite me on  Thanksgiving day and also I am very happy because this is something very special for me and my son.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beyonce Dress From Nuptials

Beyonce and Jay-Z Wed. at New York one of the best Celebrities Wedding. Three years after they expecting their first Child it is very significant moment in her life to have a baby. She share personal story on her life about her childhood, early show biz days, her rise to fame with Destiny's Child including her romance with her hobby. I pray they should be together and forever and make things happen more. divorce rate in this country is the highest in the world. I hope they have a happy long life together. being Married is treat each other with the respect you should and don't run a round on each other. It takes work to make a marriage work as well as love & respect and mostly put the God above in your marriages. its a sacred lifetime commitment.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Feel Good On My Reebok Easy Tone Shoes

This post brought to you by Reebok Settlement. All opinions are 100% mine.

New Message I have tried other walking shoes, but  always regret my purchase sooner than later   I still like being in Reebok   Easy tone  I could inspire the product  the  brand are Classical

My habit even before was looking and browsing the internet looking for something like a good brand shoes it catch my attention Reebok  has a good quality and good brand name,  reliable, comfortable and safe  shoe.

refund well it depends   how many days and how many weeks  you purchase the product  of Reebok  shoes When you decide for  buying  online  I think  they have 60 days to exchange the shoes but when you wanted to refund it much better  you must understand and read their policy for return or call their Customer service.  every store has their own policy and Frequently  Question  they have Customer Service.   covers several products from Reebok that the company said would provide specific health benefits. They include Easy Tone walking shoes and Run Tone running shoes that sold  Millions of dollars. Covers several products from Reebok that the company said would provide specific health benefits. They include EasyTone walking shoes and RunTone running shoes that sold  Millions of dollars.  
I really enjoyed the shoes  but I do that with all my gym shoes and I've never had my shoes fall apart  sine  I buy online although I had shoes 2 pairs for 1 year bought I did have any problem.  I would say when you buy a stuffs like shoes you have to be careful as you care yourself   it is the same as you know how to taking care yourself  if you don't know how to taking care means you don't know how to taking care your stuffs  how  easy is that. people keep saying like that or their product is very old or what so ever. keep in mind look and think about many times before buying something  otherwise you  wasting your money for nothing. 

There was a Reebok settlement and customers were given a choice of apparel and shoes they want in return.

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