Thursday, November 24, 2011

Save Bucks In the loundry Room

Everyone is pinching pennies right now to make the budget meet. The nice thing is you don’t even have to do anything big to start to have savings. Just a few small changes can pay off in the long run.  I Try using  cold water when washing  my clothes  cold water means less energy  less money also. Sometimes I rather wash my clothes to use my hands old fashion way. I save less of money. I wash my clothes through using my hand but on my kid  clothes  I get to use washing machine. I do these because I knew for adult Like mine smart enough to used hand washing  I have to do anything to start savings.   few small changes on my house. Heating water is the largest energy drain when  washing clothing.  If you think  that you need extra power.  add a bit of baking or washing soda to your wash.  in this way you save more extra money. cost much smart when it comes to household sometimes get tired budgeting :D   how I wish  I have partner to share the bills,  in a long way only God well answer that. maybe god does not allow now. someday I think, hard to predict tomorrow.

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