Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey with San miguel beer

How cool is this Turkey and The San miguel beer Philippines beer.  it makes me smile when I took this pictures I remember the beer in the Philippines this beer is not quit hard  beer its light beer  I  try the taste it was good though we had this when we went to Asian market we bough some stuffs from Asian market, we had a good time because we went different oriental stores to buy this beer.  I could say   I am in someone else I accept the fact that life has to move on starting for moving on I would happy for that.  it was thanksgiving Holiday the food was good and so very delicious Have many food I like to eat but  I would watch out the food because were getting older is not every food we eat is good in our body there's many indications when you eat to much meals it is good to eat the food that you would like but Its good also you pick the healthy foods as long as not much for calories.

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