Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Bump

Kourtney Kardashian

Those who choose to be moms should accept the responsibility for being a parents.  being pregnant is not easy  have loved every minute with your pregnancy  such  a reward and happy feeling  you feel as a woman even we could say's it is a diffifult time in your stage  maybe the first and 3 months is a little on edge very hard but   pregnancy are the hardest part of your life  because you carry a baby  in your  tummy its' a decision that you have to think about  is  not an easy decision  every little curve with your body is sensitive you got to have an exercise everyday.  otherwise you become gaining weight and the baby is become big though. your choice to have  a baby and also a blessing from God  there is no reason to complain about it.   and once it happens it's not worth complaining   Women who do spend their time pissing and moaning about the pregnancy. I could say it's good to be pregnant  sometimes it's  happen in your life not all the time you become pregnant enjoy the moment being pregnant.  horrible happen to me when i was pregnant don't know, but when I ask my friend  how her birth went, and she shyly starts telling me about how she went into convulsions during her emergency C-section after being in labor for 12 hours,   the same thing that happen to me  I was also in C- section delivery when my kid was born.  they put something on my body which is very sore.  that makes me scared during that time  C- section was very hurts I could feel the pain inside and outside of my body I feel like IM dying don't know how to push maybe it depends on the  baby he wants to be C-section. it took a while to heal the wounds. good thing after less than a year I got recover.  listening to some pregnant woman with sore feet complain for 30 seconds and that is true.

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