Friday, March 16, 2012

The Jackfruit

locally known  jack fruit is one of the the popular fruit species in the Philippines. This is manifested by its wide distribution and cultivation.  many uses  and excellent adaption to a range of growing. Many people wonder why it is not really advisable to drink water after eating raw jack fruit because it causes stomach aches after ate this fruit  people hesitate to use because of its sticky and messy process. If little care is taken you can enjoy this fruit either just as a ripped  fruit or as a vegetable dish.
How to ate Jack fruit, Cut them  into small pieces, Chop the top green portion, remove the seeds covered in sockets. Also remove the creamy little clusters sticking on the fruit
Now the fruits, if riped, are ready to eat.
If it is raw, jack fruit  is ready to make recipes.  that yummy.

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