Monday, April 30, 2012

Disney land

I never been to this place Disney land  Beyond that, careful packing for your family vacation
 is entirely different. Though the shops on travel are much expensive. well-stocked and keep the needs of families in mind, they're expensive and may not have a preferred brand or a favorite item. Of course, you've got your passports and other travel documents.I hope we can have Disney vacation during after off school for myself and my kid.

When I was young I only seen the Disney  on TV.  I thought  disney is only one but then when I gets older  the disney world get bigger.  there are many Disney  all over america and include the asia too.  I bit these Disney was put up because people loves to see lots of fun and rides.   as far as i know these Disney land has makes money because they have many different  funs and everything. i couldn't imagine i came  here in america but i never been in Disney. I probably go there during summer.  Pretty sure we have to go because my son  likes it.  for this time he's  to young for the rides so need to wait another year until he get enjoy the ride.  can't wait next year to see all the characters like micky mouse, barney and any other kids favorite.  this is myson's favorite show barney and micky mouse.

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