Thursday, April 26, 2012


Fast Food: [台中市] Mister Donut (一中街 location, Taichung, Taiwan)
See this box of mini donuts?  Cute, right? Straight out of the box, they are perfectly round and the frosting is evenly look good. yum!!

Look at those doughnut looks good and yummy.  They got different type of flavors.  I don’t like being a donuts fan but it's good to eat doughnut once in a while. Oneday we went to the fast food  I was amazed  by the doughnut because they have different flavor and colors so yummy when you look it. What we doing it was  indeed buy a doughnut instead of coffee.   Now we have doughnut and match with coffee.  Couldn't belieave we eat it with matching coffee it was great  breakfast for us.   It's  light and fluffy. Donuts should be sugary, have a tight and moist crumb, stomach was full after eating doughtnut. as you can see the doughnut is absoloutly good captured.


  1. oh,mother of pearl! I'm drooling right now!

    1. oh yeah super yummy, Lol. thanks for the visit. I'll visit you.