Friday, April 27, 2012

Drawing time

he does a good job!!

an the girl playing a yoyo

The first day of school was stressful and anxiety. filled for both children and parents, especially the first day where my kid will be away from his  mom for an extended amount of time.   I encourage my  child to feel comfortable on the first day of  his Pre-K,  because  later he well be learn  allot of  things like drawing. offer each student a piece of drawing paper and have him sit down at a table with other new students. Place a bucket of crayons in the middle, and have everyone draw a picture of themselves on the paper  which is my kid get comfortable because i did not leave him.  Now I could see and imagine he grows a lot better than use to be he knows how to write his name and make his own drawing.  in the next school opening he would be in kindergarten. he's going to be miss again his old friends he would  ask me again mom. why i always move. lol.

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