Monday, April 23, 2012

The Home

don't have an exact formula of where everyone's living area should be place as each family matrix is different and the actual location of the home. orientation of the land is always paramount in the exact placement. Although the view, topography and connection to the other aspects and rooms in in the structure are considerations. There is no set of pattern of design. Remember the taller the space, the less intimate, warm and fuzzy the room. And yet we all experience living in a crowded place and we can't live comfortable because scared on the hurricane or typhoon which is very afraid during at night.  was happen last December when  family woke at night they heard a something  noise they thought it's a common rain but after 40 minutes they surprise by a heavy Rainful coming  at their room all  the way to living room and bedroom.  all of the sudden it's freakin out. it was become very sad because many lives and many people died.  All of the houses near by the river was covered by tick   dirts and  lots of debris cause of the big rains and that rains was destroy the lives and living of the people. Was started look a house when i was there in my country so now on we have to keep in mind tragedy happen everywhere doesn't matter poor or wealthy. the only thing we could do is pray and pray. find a good and comfortable place to live with.

Pictures of  Bellevue Homes near SM City Cagayan de Oro

Pictures of  Bellevue Homes near SM City Cagayan de Oro
Pictures of  Bellevue Homes near SM City Cagayan de Oro

Our minds when we start dreaming what the design of the home, shelter, and the place of refuge we will live in eventually will look like. There is much to assimilate and prioritize. This exciting journey will not only be one of the most important to the family but can also positive inlightenment.
We are going further into the home in the couple of month and work on the central space. The great room, living room, family room, whatever the label becomes, is indeed where the family gathers to interact the space dedicated to activities of daily living. always consider the size allocated for this and the budget assigned and then start placing the vision where this place space will be locate.

the view on the screen from several points in the home. Eating area, kitchen, family room, which can result in less than optimal viewing. The consideration of storage, bookshelves, cubbies, etc. is sometimes the last mostly overlook. many to mention. Where to put it. storage, Do they have a place in the furniture or leave them lying around on top. I am not practicing a knick knack approach but later by later it is in the process well see what the steps next. I could wait to see the development of the house. see you again next blog. Probably i post it if the real picture coming on see yeah. 


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