Monday, April 23, 2012

Room Improvement

Loft Windows Add Contemporary Style to Living Spaces

Double Hung Windows are a Breeze to Open

Upholstered pieces like a periwinkle-tufted chair and a nearly yellow bench have clean, almost modern lines. Vintage bamboo light fixtures and a patterned rug and bedspread complete the eclectic look.

Improvement of the room is the first top priority of us. but it's not in every day were good in the mood.. I even go  far to say that I've had to share my lazy days now feel like don't feel good to move around until I found out that have many stuffs to do. Usually come after a sleepless night.I've learned that being lazy when you feel so tired can make you feel even more tired and tired.  When you get out of bed in the morning dragging your feet, the best cure is to get those feet moving and make your body move and keep an eye looking around works are waiting.   A few years past I've spending money way to much because I moving out to the apartment which I could make my mind so depress and miserable due to the personal issue. it's  includes on my list is my own room.  would like to put  a nice decoration and put frames is added the beauty and  make your day completely happy after working on the kichen. When you I see my rooms is peaceful nice and looks great. I put few photos that I can make over my room.Soon  make over of the room.  But sorry.  Soon I well put a real room for me. That's only a decoration on my blogs. pretty soon I post a photo on this make over.

One would think that a homemaker would run out of things to do, but it is truly a never ending job. Here and there.   By now not being lazy it's hard to thinking without moving. I have an idea now to improve my room and also my son's room. lately 2 days ago I decorate my son's room which is good because feel good  to look the new decoration in addition. He has a new bed. happy to say that his room now has a stuffs and there's also stuff toys with that room.Just take his furniture from our old house.   have a good Monday.

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