Friday, April 20, 2012

Victoria Secret

Recently I bought a lotion, pen and it's comes with the little bag so cute is it? I was amaze by little bag thinking need it for my accessories and other stuffs .I enjoy watching all the sales because they have many deal to buy for and it is cheaper too. in the beginning of the season, summer has many deals for apparel, shoes and bra. I would like to see the ladies wear section. It was catch my attention, their cute bag and pen and also the lotion because it's summer now need a lotion for my skin using to going out on the beach we love beach. We are surrounded by the nice beach over here. I thankful for my kind Fiance he drop me off the mall to stop by. I like VS because they have a good deals. I am linking this entry to Pinkfriday

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  1. I also love VS but they are too way expensive :) visiting you back