Monday, April 16, 2012

Visiting Snow Places

Snowman by Caroline Leahy

Post box by Shaun Whitmore

Crown Cranes at Pensthorpe by Mark Noble

The snow covered beach at Old Hunstanton

makes me wish I can visit  some place that  has a snow I miss to play the snow because, you know, we never play in the snow since we came here in the state. Some of my friends living  in different states has a snow and  I can say snow is good to look and play. Something that the weather is good not really winter and hot. because right where i live now  doesn't give a desire of having a white Christmas. so  want to visit to a state where it's snowing moderately but not so much that violent.  or so. and I don't want to live in a big city but a quiet, cozy small town near a big city. Every state is different we only say this because we try to live in different places still  nice to live here in Fl.  because you know the place already and u know the people too.  Or we could say it's good to visit  other some  state.

But if you're skilled it shouldn't be that hard to find a job in different state. I suggest other northern mid-west states. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northern Ohio, Northern Illinois, northern Indiana, the North East has some pretty wicked winter storms... they get a few a year that kind of cripple that part of the country.
Ohio is nice... cold snowy winters...and warm summers.

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