Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Was gone for While

Was gone for a while, now back to blogging.  sound like I am done with. but no, i would say been busy at school voluntering then get tired when we get home. just lazy sometimes when your times is always on the computer in addition my kid is in school everyday. Still busy my virtual world every once in a while when I get bored. I am easily get bored so when i pick him up from school we go somewhere or else in library or whatever comes on my mind.

Aside school,  I  enjoy many other fun activities like blogging, photography, and digital-scrapbooking. and surfing the web.  It  is  what get me most enjoy the most.  I hate to admit it   was gone for quite some time. Indeed for couple of days. My new hobby occupied me so much that I hardly no time  to share my thought.   
back  in   writing  with my family and friends instead. As for the hobby, It was a  realistic video game for my kid.   Sometimes I  took  him   outside  to play.  that is how I got into the game. We all had a blast.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diagnostic Problem on Vehicle

Last Couple of weeks Had a problem regarding my vehicle don't know what it cause. it's happen in the morning when we supposed going to school and something is not good. A type of problem on this vehicle is a fuel or air problem.  2 means there is something wrong with the injector circuit. there is an ignition problem or the engine is misfiring.  and there is also a vehicle speed or idle control problem. and last is, there's a computer or output circuit problem. it was not easy for me to handle about car problem since I am not good in car repair. the only  thing I could do is calling  people who look up the vehicle and check it. The benefits for an auto check is Running a computerized car diagnostic check can highlight the problem so that the mechanic can fix only what needs to be fixed. Most car diagnostic checks can be performed in under an hour. It didn't take to long to fix. I am tired to drive everyday wish a have a driver.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a New Camera

 dissappoint myself I don’t bear on my mind that the camera was on my mom’s hand I tel her that we could have a picture taking before our departure,  ( PH.) but when we got inside the airport we never had a chance to get back or taking a picture because prior to check -in you have 2 hrs before your flight. The problem on that time we arrive in the airport 1 hr. and 15 minutes. the airport rules you’ve got to be little early or else you have enought time to be in airport early because all of your luggage would be check in. In addition you fall in line and pay the airport fee.  that’s the main reason I left my camera due to late arriving at the airport. My other sibling is woke up late makes me mad. There's  no time for making final conversation due to lack of time.   I was then remember my camera when we got here in Florida .  couldn't  blame them due to the excitement of our heading back to the states.  I had an old camera but has a problem too. I was used it last week but after a couple  of times it was broke get mad again always problem and problem throwing money anywhere.  Money is easy to spend. Never be a boss when me and hubby together.  he is the money handler when it comes to money. today to bad keep I spending way to much. I have many things to buy but only in my mind. I am  not shopping addict  unlike other women spend, spend. Still have save for  the  future.  still using the old camera hard to use it again but it is just not cooperating. It bothers me because I paid good money. and hardly used it but not it is gone. What a waste. I think I didn’t use it enough time that is why it got screwed up. It wouldn’t work, and I think the fact that i had it setting too. Now I have to work on finding a quality camera so i can capture the special moments in life. Anyway, I hope next vacation  my camera  still with me  because everytime we taking a vacation I left or I  lost my gadget like camcorder. the worse thing i never forget is that camcorder. when we was at U.S embassy  3  yrs ago.  i lost it. hubby was really  angry  to me.  that's  a christmas present. after few months on PH. I lost that cam. memories,memories  won't  forget. good  night  gals.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

For Mother's Day

Mother's day is very special to me because from the time I was born, my mother, taught me how to accept my mistake. other than these, She was the only one taugh me how to become a brave and strong . under the circumstances  happen in my past life i could say it,  I learn everyday from my mom that having a little child is to taking care for is hardwork and happy,  I am his daddy and Mommy so sad to be say but it is true.  at young age he doesn't  understand the story of his Mom. been struggle of pain.  Now I realize that time fly fast he makes me happy and upset which it is normal being a mom and dad never been easier  glad i am brave.  Having my son around me has given me a renewed outlook on my life. Adjusting the life as a single parents is harse.  I am his mom and dad. from his Dad, on mothers day,Anything came up on his mind going out to ate or something a  gift for mother's  day. I did not ask but he had to go somewhere to give for me  amazing love. a nice feeling if you have a someone else who deeply think of you.

I was then said this is a person who spend the rest of your life. I  thanks for everything he bring me  here.    about Mother's day is very special for us  because our mom is the one who take care for us and raising no matter what only does she live by example, but for more than 64 years she has challenged me to do my part to make the world a better place.  Of course,  would not have been possible without the example of my mother throught her hardwork to raising 5 kids has not been easy job because we been many test in our life ups and down we facing so many issues.  literally She's  my adviser and  best of friends. I realized that mother is full of hardwork and integrity. it's  a good feeling and rewarding.  when you become  a mom  you feel completely happy  in your heart and in your soul. As mothers, struggle, scream, learn, and make the same mistakes more than once because we know being a mom job is 24/7  but never ending but it worted. we had a good bonding and fun. I miss my mom very much.  Now i am a mom I understand how i feel very happy and blessed.  last couple of days instead of give something to her a gift i send her a  card  and money  so she could buy something what she wants since  buying a gift and send her for overseas is kind of  hard.  Happy Mothers day to my mom I miss her everyday. and to all the Mom,Happy mothers day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

time Flying

My Munchin, called him monkey daddy called him monkey. he has plenty of toys of monkey.

24 months on this.

My  Birthday at the old house.  2.years old

 My son, the picture on the top he was about 5 months old taken on the PH.  his 1st vacation was not very fun  at all. it was his first time. I  am so glad I still have those photos. was reminding by his dad that every year I took some photos of my little boy because time fly fast he would be grow up really fast.  And here is it. time is flying he is in school now.  having a baby is very happy and rewarding. I just advising those new mom just enjoy the time everyday with your baby they grow up fast.


Went to the  store  last couple of weeks just sight seeing  trying if there was a good deal for shoes. mostly  clearance are on at the 1st week of the month and last week of the month. Almost end of April when I went to the store i keep my eyes open and looking around and found out nobody  has get a good deals for shopping kinda expensive. just only hit for  W-shopping u know what i mean.  I went back again  and ask a friend of mine she was said they got a sales for apparel and shoes  which i could see.  Supposed to be I am not going to buy I knew i am going to the different store they got many deals for shoes but a friend of mine   saying, it was a good sales because the shoes is in good quality and cheaper compare to the  original prize. I get it  since  these  store coupons available online.  Oh.Oh another bunch of crap on my room but happy it's a good shoes though. I noticed that Target  and  Kohls has huge selection of products, which wraps it all up for me. It doesn't  difficult to pay top dollar when, in fact, I can actually save money.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My baby

 have you recognize this little baby guess who?   No other than my only son.  He was a baby in this picture mommy took a picture with him.  When we used to live on our old house I take some pictures of him knowing that baby is grow so fast. I can see a lot changes when baby is growing every month.  He had chubby check and big toe. It's  true my boy is look like his daddy.  his Dad is  6 feet. he got his height from his dad. every year young kids are change a lot specially when their started schooling I notices it from my son  because he was in early school.  We sent him in Pre-K due to his speech problem but in real that is only normal for the child.  Now he talk and talk never quit talking because. he knew that school is fun mommy help him to do his school activities. I am linking this entry to  # 1  of 366 blog Photo Challenge

Fashion designer


Imagine Fashion Designer

  People Know that you must have the skill  such as the ability to design, measure, cut and sew clothes. Being able to design means being able to draw in paper or on the computer using some software your fashion ideas. Knowing the basic of dressmaking and tailoring can help a lot in ones pursuit if a fashion design career.  Although there may be fashion designers that may not  had formal   design education and became successful way back when there were not much competition, Nowadays having the  formal education can make a difference when applying for and landing a fashion design job.  You can enroll in Universities or Colleges. vocational or trade schools that are offered on campus or online.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Oatmeal Easy Recipe

How to Cook Oatmeal in a Slow Cooker thumbnail

This is special treat for breakfast. cook oatmeal in a slow cooker all night long and wake up to a fresh, hot and delicious breakfast. It takes only minutes to prepare and is much better for you than the average cold cereal.

Place the water, oats and salt into a slow cooker or crock pot and mix well.
Add the dried fruit to the oatmeal mixture and stir until the fruit is well  mix.

Add sweetener such as sugar, maple syrup, honey or any fruit syrup to the oatmeal to taste before serving. that's easy recipe ready to ate.


My favorite recipe is  one of them is a grilled steak.  typical here in America people loves to grill. I never get used to ate grilled food until I learn from a friends or from my old house we used to grills a lot when me and hubby are together.   To be honest with you, little scared to grill on the gas rather than charcoal. I left my grill on the old house  I don't want to mess up my house.  that's true. if there's somebody who live here beside us.yes might be we grilled allot.   it's hard to controlled the temperature when you use grill gas. just defensive of myself. I am so happy when we had a chance to spend our time with my boyfriend he likes to grill and so on  few of the people was there too.yummy grilled.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's called Shoppaholic

It's hard for me to believe that when  came here in the states I don't know how  to shop and driving around.  When i got here and get my license in driving I become go there and go here. Things are happen time fly fast really quick. before i  don't have an idea where to shop until my hubby telling me that i need to drive until i learn and get independent.  Very scared when I took my driving but I get to used it.  Now when i go somewhere have to keep in my mind that shopping a lot is not good when time of emergency money we need it most.   made up my mind have to save,save and save more  for the future.  learn it from my hubby he's  good in terms of budgeting.                

I found website for  discount clothes savings up to 85%. That is saving big and well, I couldn't pass it up.  I will certainly be looking around only  not shopping.  It's good to be shop if you need it why not. Those who are looking for on sale clothing.    there's  a   website  offering the highest quality in women's fashions especially in teen's fashions or adult. Those who are Shoppaholic browse  the web.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Allena with grandma.

This is Alena and grandma. My son's cousin she is such a cutie little girl.  I'ts  her 1st  Birthday she's kind of little bit shy never get to use in front of camera what her Mommy does  snap a picture she is wondering  what mommy's doing. She is  so cute in her tiny balloon dress painted with happy birthday to me.  Me and my son had a wonderful time with them.  It's my sister in  law grandbaby and look at that she never smile grandma try to ask her if she's  ready for picture taking she does not ready she has a small brother too.  I bit her brother is getting big too. I hope this year we are going to see them because it's  almost a year we did not see her sibling. I have couple of pictures for them I might post few pictures soon here. I am linking this to   Pink friday

Alcohol Addiction

Speaking  alcohol addiction can be hard to  explained.  As the compulsory need of intoxicating drinks.   Drinks such as liquor, beer and wine come under the category. A person can be said alcoholic when he or she longs for more alcohol in spite of his drunken state or deteriorating condition. In some cases, one tends to shake and shiver when the body is in need of that drink 

cravings for alcohol would seek professional help to cure their addiction.  It is very important to control the drinking habit because you could end up with health damage We knew a number of people who already ended up dying due to a alcohol problem.  If You are someone who could use some help. You should see about this Rehabilitation  Center. if you are looking to find the highest quality addiction treatment, so you can recover fast. Based treatment modalities that includes,  psychiatry, counseling and psychotherapy,  It's very useful to seek a expert help for alcohol abuse. Just Visit their  programs. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quality time

last weekend we spend our time together with my fiance. We went to Asian market and include going for shopping to get his stuffs to works with his swimming pool. So glad that we don't have an issue about us. we both get old. lol... have fast.  he has past which is good  important is you keep the relationship strong ang healthy.     The day should have no distractions where you can spend time with your boyfriend all day long doing anything you both like. If this plan proves to be successful, gradually it will become more good. My kid was happy for him and likewise him too he loves my kid.   

The biggest problem for some male not seeing their woman.   A lot, spending too much of his time hanging out with friends. While it is healthy  to have  'me' time and divide time with others but if he is doing everything with them going to the movies, hanging out at his house, and so on and hardly does it with you, try  not  to distract him and show him things his friends can't do.  Send a smiley text message or  send a hugs message will definitely put a smile on his face and he will minimize hanging out with friends and come running to you. well. if the person love you no matter where you are he would find a way to see you. got it..


 I would  really need a dentist.  have to find a Dentist that accepts my dental plan. thought about going to a Dentist is going's  to be  hard.   to find a right dentist is not fun.  never done this.  before my hubby takes me there but it is what it is.    headache  for me  though.  they could  not accept my insurance dental plan  quit indeed  make me feel very upset. We all know that a bright smile is what makes the first impression and what we normally notice whenever we meet people.

 what really counts when we socializing people. anybody notices that something our teeth has a problem. don't like to have a bad breath so needed i am going to see a dentist . For now I make an appointment after my son's school off so i don't have problem.  I don't have a problem last year  but this year makes me upset because  don't  know the place  or office.  good to hear i call  then they said  they could give  me  nearby office to make an appointment. yay I have a bright smile now. :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Magic sing

I am glad  i have now a magic  song.  I just bought it from PH. during our vacation.    if you interested they would have in the filipino website but so expensive when you buy it the cost is  twice times equevalent  to $ currency  which is  i could not.  I knew that i can buy overthere.  but if you would like to purchase you can check their online store.  Check it in  Filipino store.com.

 We used to have had a magic song before but my kid broke it when he was a little.  the cost is to high  all prizes are plus tax. And As for me when you think something to buy a filipino product the best way is let your love one to send in International.   this  is pretty good it's not quit big package it is small include the 2 microphone.  Now we have intertainment at home we use it almost everyday. my son likes to sing and he corrected my song  because he know I sing almost everyday.   I sing when I am in the shower lol....   

This video song has many feature it has a mini selected idea. has thousands of songs  english and tagalogs.  like if you want to listen your song then you can record it as many as you want even 50's or 100's song. after singing you can listen your song.  to bad i try to listen my songs need more effort. Son say  mom need more practice the score is saying keep practicing . eventually my son likes to sing  was happy when i play it.  guess he would like to be a singer someday

Lovable Friend

Every time i went on vacation on my country. I won't forget to give something to my dear friend she is very nice and lovable. I knew her since high school. way back then during our senior in high school were like sisters the four of us.  I have one sister and my friend has one  sister too.  The  4 of us  going   out together.   Were  also a  neigbor during younger  time  I could not denied that i miss her. i kept our picture together because were apart each other.  Even  though i was   married before  still contact   her.  now I still  keep up  with her have many good friends that i found through fb. maybe because they change their family name since they married can only recognize the face.  Anyways  Some of my friends are happily married but have also a friend that happy with her life. she's a succesfull businesswoman  she has a degree too.   I can only count my good friends  because since young were very good friends even I am here in the state she's   busy with her daily life.   I did not have time to see my few old friends because our time was very hictic.   She   has her own  business  I hope someday she found someone  to love her.  I knew she's busy with her life. when we had  our vacation this year i give  her something because I know she is a generous lady.   during that time me and her going to watch a movie she surprise me on my birthday i was like surprise too because couldn't  imagine she did that to me. she my sister to me I would not forget our good time no matter what the distance between us  i kept our friendship forever. and at the same time, make new friends is good but high school years are different would be the most memorable years in my life.  high school years will be filled with nothing but happiness.