Thursday, May 3, 2012


 I would  really need a dentist.  have to find a Dentist that accepts my dental plan. thought about going to a Dentist is going's  to be  hard.   to find a right dentist is not fun.  never done this.  before my hubby takes me there but it is what it is.    headache  for me  though.  they could  not accept my insurance dental plan  quit indeed  make me feel very upset. We all know that a bright smile is what makes the first impression and what we normally notice whenever we meet people.

 what really counts when we socializing people. anybody notices that something our teeth has a problem. don't like to have a bad breath so needed i am going to see a dentist . For now I make an appointment after my son's school off so i don't have problem.  I don't have a problem last year  but this year makes me upset because  don't  know the place  or office.  good to hear i call  then they said  they could give  me  nearby office to make an appointment. yay I have a bright smile now. :)

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