Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diagnostic Problem on Vehicle

Last Couple of weeks Had a problem regarding my vehicle don't know what it cause. it's happen in the morning when we supposed going to school and something is not good. A type of problem on this vehicle is a fuel or air problem.  2 means there is something wrong with the injector circuit. there is an ignition problem or the engine is misfiring.  and there is also a vehicle speed or idle control problem. and last is, there's a computer or output circuit problem. it was not easy for me to handle about car problem since I am not good in car repair. the only  thing I could do is calling  people who look up the vehicle and check it. The benefits for an auto check is Running a computerized car diagnostic check can highlight the problem so that the mechanic can fix only what needs to be fixed. Most car diagnostic checks can be performed in under an hour. It didn't take to long to fix. I am tired to drive everyday wish a have a driver.

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