Saturday, May 12, 2012

For Mother's Day

Mother's day is very special to me because from the time I was born, my mother, taught me how to accept my mistake. other than these, She was the only one taugh me how to become a brave and strong . under the circumstances  happen in my past life i could say it,  I learn everyday from my mom that having a little child is to taking care for is hardwork and happy,  I am his daddy and Mommy so sad to be say but it is true.  at young age he doesn't  understand the story of his Mom. been struggle of pain.  Now I realize that time fly fast he makes me happy and upset which it is normal being a mom and dad never been easier  glad i am brave.  Having my son around me has given me a renewed outlook on my life. Adjusting the life as a single parents is harse.  I am his mom and dad. from his Dad, on mothers day,Anything came up on his mind going out to ate or something a  gift for mother's  day. I did not ask but he had to go somewhere to give for me  amazing love. a nice feeling if you have a someone else who deeply think of you.

I was then said this is a person who spend the rest of your life. I  thanks for everything he bring me  here.    about Mother's day is very special for us  because our mom is the one who take care for us and raising no matter what only does she live by example, but for more than 64 years she has challenged me to do my part to make the world a better place.  Of course,  would not have been possible without the example of my mother throught her hardwork to raising 5 kids has not been easy job because we been many test in our life ups and down we facing so many issues.  literally She's  my adviser and  best of friends. I realized that mother is full of hardwork and integrity. it's  a good feeling and rewarding.  when you become  a mom  you feel completely happy  in your heart and in your soul. As mothers, struggle, scream, learn, and make the same mistakes more than once because we know being a mom job is 24/7  but never ending but it worted. we had a good bonding and fun. I miss my mom very much.  Now i am a mom I understand how i feel very happy and blessed.  last couple of days instead of give something to her a gift i send her a  card  and money  so she could buy something what she wants since  buying a gift and send her for overseas is kind of  hard.  Happy Mothers day to my mom I miss her everyday. and to all the Mom,Happy mothers day.

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